No Such Word as Can’t

As someone who made an impossible dream possible, I aim to show everyone that anything is possible if you believe. With intentional goal setting, real world advice and interviews from experts in their field - this podcast will help you achieve your biggest goals.

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Achieving the Impossible

Want to know how to achieve your biggest dream? Want to hear stories from people of all walks of life who have turned their own dreams into their reality? Then click one of the episodes below to get started! 

I was always taught growing up that there was 'No Such Word as Can't' and that mentality has helped me to achieve more than one dream so far in my life. But there is one thing you absolutely need before you can set out achieving your goals - you need to know where to start

Let this podcast inspire you

Learn how to believe in yourself enough to think you can make anything happen. 

Then go do it!


Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

Daniel Alexander (better known as @dalecsander on social media) is a BookTok influencer and one could argue budding comedian. Best known for his ACOTAR in sixty seconds skits, he talks about his love for books, what it is like being a prominent booktokker in a female dominated space, and his desire to see more Jewish authors represented to reflect the Jewish culture and experience in the modern day.

Wednesday Aug 23, 2023

Daisy Barrett is a British Zookeeper living and working in Australia. Having worked at Australia Zoo where she was head of the 'roving' department, she took her passion for training to new levels by transitioning to work with marine mammals. She recently won Best Training Presentation for her training work with Little Blue Penguins at the Australian Society of Zookeeping conference! She also hosts the podcast Trainer Talks and Tails with her co-host Tess which you can find here:

Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Dr. Austin Allen is a comparative physiologist who studies marine mammals in the wild and in human care. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University’s Marine Lab. He is interested in refining technologies and methods by working with trained animals, in order to study the conservation outcomes in wild populations. His research currently focuses on using bio-logging tags and respirometry to study energetics in toothed whales, to quantify the impacts of human disturbance. 

Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

Rachel Hale is a former great ape keeper at Busch Gardens, Tampa. With over a decade of experience in animal care and training, Rachel has worked with many different species, but explains why great apes - and in particular a couple of gorillas - stole her heart. Touching on animal behaviour and communication - she tells us what the animals learned, and perhaps more importantly what they taught her. 

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Sister authors Elizabeth and Helen (pen name Elizabeth Helen) give us the details on their series Beasts of the Briar which is taking BookTok by storm! Diving into what it is like to write in tandem with your sister - talking about everything from character arcs, to spicy scenes, they fill us in on their process and how their lives have been changed by BookTok. 
Read their books here:

Wednesday Jul 26, 2023

Megan Golightly is one of the most popular organizing and decluttering influencers in North America. She is best known for weaving her psychology background and interest in neuroscience into her approach. She promotes the importance of mental health and positive change while helping her clients to de-clutter and organize their homes to promote healthier habits. 
Find out more:

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

Nicola and Shannon combined their love for reading and their love for family into one enterprise - opening a romance bookstore in Calgary. With a passion for filling their days with the things they love the most, they speak about what they each bring to the table, and how they made their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!
Want to check them out?

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

Camelle Zodrow, a marine mammal trainer with decade of experience and 12yrs at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, opens up about her relationship with Winter the dolphin and the importance of recognizing how difficult it is working with animals who become part of the family. Her insight into current research, rescue practices, and how zoological facilities are helping the plight of wild marine animals is refreshing.
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Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

Stacey McEwan is the author of the best-selling Glacian trilogy and currently lives in Australia. Well known for trying to turn her husband into a fictional man on TikTok - she shares her journey to publishing and how BookTok helped to facilitate that. 
Get her books here:

Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

Andreas Fahlman is a comparative physiologist whose research projects revolve around the central question of how animals function in challenging environments. He was born and raised in Sweden, and moved to Hawaii in 1993 to pursue a BSc in Marine Biology. He completed his PhD in Biology from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in 2000.  His graduate and post-graduate studies ranged from ultra-deep diving physiology; novel methods for reducing the risk of decompression sickness; genetic regulation of respiratory and cardiovascular responses to diving and hypoxia in marine mammals and birds; and molecular and metabolic biochemistry in hibernating mammals. He has devised and implemented remote data logging techniques to measure dive duration and depth, and to estimate the effects of pressure on gas exchange, metabolism, heart rate, temperature regulation, and foraging efficiency in freely-diving sea birds and marine mammals.

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